Articulate Storyline Training

Over 200 days delivered throughout the UK

Introduction to Storyline

  • One-day course
  • Get started with key Storyline features
  • Versions 2, 3 or 360
  • No previous experience required
  • Delivered at your site or ours
  • Up to 10 learners

Advanced Storyline

  • One-day course/workshop
  • Versions 2, 3 or 360
  • Build more complex interactions
  • Experiment with variables
  • Javascript examples
  • Review your existing modules and discuss improvements
  • Working knowledge of Storyline required
  • Delivered at your site or ours

Hands-on training with design tips and techniques

We have provided Articulate Storyline training to a wide range of UK-based organisations, from Storyline 1 through to the latest Storyline 360 versions. Our practical, hands-on training courses cover the key features of Storyline that you’ll use most of the time. As we go, we’ll also discuss good working practices, e-learning fundamentals and instructional design tips and techniques. We’ll look at examples from our own portfolio of Storyline projects and others.

Bespoke Storyline training

If you don’t see quite the Storyline training you need in our standard courses above, we can tailor a course to suit your needs. Just get in touch.

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Interactive Solutions
Average rating:  
 18 reviews
by Eamonn C on Interactive Solutions
Storyline 2 Intermediate
Company/Organisation: NHG Housing

This was the second course that Dayn has run for us, following the Introduction level. Hi is a knowledgeable and engaging trainer, and the course was pitched at just the right level for a group with mixed experience of using Storyline.

Many thanks Eamonn! Good to see you all again.

by Paulo C on Interactive Solutions
Articulate bespoke training
Company/Organisation: Notting Hill Genesis

Dayne was very helpful in listening to our requirements and offering valuable insights with useful examples that we could build on. Excellent training as usual.

Many Thanks Paulo!

by Nathan on Interactive Solutions
Slowly but surely
Company/Organisation: CRN CC

The training was good, with the trainer knowledgeable and engaging. I learned about concepts of how Articulate works and was able to play with different solutions. I would personally say the speed of the delivery was slow with twice the amount of content potentially being able to be covered. That said the value of this course was exceptional and has been inspiring for what I could do with the program that I couldn't before.

Thanks Nathan. I could see that you were picking things up very quickly, but others in the group were not quite as fast and I don't like to leave people behind. This is often the case with larger groups with a range of abilities and previous experience. If we run some follow-on training (as discussed), I think shorter one-to-one, or small group sessions might be better for you, so that we can focus on specifics and adjust the speed accordingly. Good to hear that you got some ideas and inspiration from it!

by Michael W on Interactive Solutions
Articulate Training for the NIHR
Company/Organisation: NIHR

Dayn provided a two day training course for the National Institute of Health Research. Training to a team of 7 people Dayn worked hard to understand the different needs of the group and after the Day 1 introduction focused more on specific tasks that we would like to build into our e-Learning. These were particularly helpful and we will use the tips we learnt to build some new features into our existing courses. The group were of a mixed level and I think Dayn did well to accommodate each learner and worked at a speed that allowed everyone to get the most out of the sessions. We would definitely have further training with Dayn in the future.


Much appreciated. Thanks Michael.

by Edward C on Interactive Solutions
Brilliant Training
Company/Organisation: Hitachi Capital

Dayn gave a thorough and well paced introduction to Storyline. The training was extremely clear and straightforward which meant my understanding was quick and I was able to use the system effectively quickly and intuitively. Thank you very much for your time with us.

My pleasure. Thanks Ed.

by Neil Maxwell on Interactive Solutions
Excellent Storyline training
Company/Organisation: Digital Sea

We hired Interactive Solutions to conduct a 2-day Articulate Storyline training course at our premises. Despite there being a wide range of Storyline experience on our team, from complete beginners to advanced users, Dayn managed to pitch the training at exactly the right level to meet our needs and bring everyone up to a high degree of competence, while keeping even the advanced users engaged and learning new advanced techniques and more efficient workflows. By the end of the 2 days all the staff felt very confident in using Storyline to create engaging and interactive courses and fired up to get started!

Hiring Interactive Solutions was a great investment and they come with our highest recommendation.

Many thanks Neil. Much appreciated and a pleasure working with you all.

by Euan Naismith on Interactive Solutions
Intermediate Storyline (2-day course)
Company/Organisation: MASTA

The training was pitched at exactly the right level and pace for all of us! It covered everything we would need to get us started with Storyline 3 and every possible question we had was answered. The first day had a fixed agenda which we worked through together and the second day allowed more flexibility to work on the areas we though would be more relevant to our team. Dayn seems to know almost everything about Storyline 3 and Articulate 360.

Many thanks Euan. Very pleased that you found it helpful and hope your module development goes well. Please get in touch if you need any further help.

by Neil raven on Interactive Solutions
The Birds!
Company/Organisation: MASTA Ltd.

Very well put together course which guided you from the basics through to all singing and dancing, well chirping and tweeting, training presentations. A relaxed teaching style with enough technical jargon to keep you thinking and plenty of help to achieve the desired results. Daryl also passed on some very useful hints and tips on creating engaging training content.

Thanks Neil. Hope the chirping and tweeting didn't drive you too mad!

by Hannah Jones on Interactive Solutions
Very Interactive and Informative
Company/Organisation: Glory Global Solutions

As a complete novice to this system I found the training very very useful and informative, the trainer was very patient with our small group, and focused on the key areas we wanting training on, and showed us some helpful 'quick step' buttons and 'cheats' to duplicate previous actions. I have no complaints about the trainer or training at all, my only reason for not giving 5 stars is I felt two full days learning it all was a little to intense, there was so much to take in! If I could do it again I would suggest more days and maybe making them half days, just so I could take in the information more, but I would highly recommend.

Thanks Hannah. You're right it is an intense course. We often run a third day for clients at a later date. This gives you some time to assimilate what you have learned so far and have a go with Storyline on a real project. We could then review any areas where you've had problems, discuss solutions and perhaps cover more advanced features. I like the idea of half-day sessions. Something we could perhaps offer as an alternative. Please do get in touch if you need help with anything.

by Donna Mischefski on Interactive Solutions
Head of OD
Company/Organisation: Glory

Dayn ran a two-day course for us on our premises. It was fantastic - there were only three of use which meant that we could flex back and forth, and focus on our particular needs. I recognise in two days there was a lot to cover and we now have to practice what we have learnt, but having provided us with resources, tools and tips - I feel we are now able to produce a very professional product.

Thanks Donna. Much appreciated!

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