Storyline Training – Intermediate level

In view of COVID restrictions, we are currently offering online rather than face-to-face training, via MS Teams or your own online meeting platform.

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Memorable, hands-on, two-day Articulate Storyline training course for versions 2, 3 or 360, delivered at your site.

This course takes you from scratch to intermediate level. You’ll build an actual demo module, with a wide range of content types and interactions and we’ll supply worksheets to refer back to later. This is our most popular Storyline training course by far and you will leave with a sound understanding of all the key Storyline features and plenty of insights to help you get off to a flying start.

Who should attend?

  • Newcomers to Storyline who need to develop e-learning content for their organisation
  • Instructional designers or training managers who just need to understand Storyline’s capabilities and limitations
  • Training professionals or those aspiring to develop e-learning skills for their own continuing professional development.


  • A good working knowledge of the Windows operating (file) system and some previous experience with PowerPoint would be useful.
  • Each learner (or pair of learners) will need a PC with a copy of Articulate Storyline installed. The 30-day trial version is fine if you don’t have a license yet.
  • A training room with large screen monitor or data projector and wi-fi or internet access.

Free books graphicCharges

  • £1,450 + VAT for a group of up to 3 learners.
  • Additional learners £145 + VAT each, up to a maximum of 8 learners.
  • Travel and accommodation expenses – please contact us for a quote.

Two free books

We include one copy of each of these two excellent books with the course. E-learning Uncovered – Articulate Storyline;  a detailed reference book on Articulate Storyline and Design for How People Learn; a superb introduction to the principles of instructional design.

Outline Storyline training agenda

Getting Started

  • Starting a new project (from blank or template)
  • Story, Scene, and Slide View
  • Adding, moving and deleting slides and scenes

Setting up and customising the player

  • Features (Title, sidebar position, seekbar, logo etc).
  • Menu
  • Resources
  • Glossary
  • Custom tabs
  • Colours and Effects
  • Text Labels and Settings
  • Other player options

 Adding and formatting basic content

  • Images
  • Shapes
  • Captions
  • Characters
  • Text boxes
  • Zoom regions
  • Audio
  • Video

Timeline basics

  • Sequencing objects on the timeline
  • Hiding, locking and renaming objects
  • Re-ordering objects in the timeline
  • Aligning objects to the playback head
  • Setting and aligning objects to cue points
  • States and Notes tabs

Adding animations to objects

  • Slide transitions
  • Adding entrance and exit animations to objects
  • Motion path animations

Introducing Layers

  • Uses of layers
  • Layer properties

Introducing Triggers

  • What are triggers?
  • Using triggers to display and hide layers
  • Other trigger actions.

Introducing States

  • What are states and how can they be used?
  • Using triggers to change the State of an object

Introducing Conditions

  • What are conditions and how can they be used?
  • Types of conditions
  • Variable conditions
  • Shape (State) conditions.
  • Window conditions

Introducing Controls

  • Adding buttons
  • Adding hotspots
  • Adding markers
  • Interactive sliders and dials

Freeform interactions

  • Adding freeform interactions
  • Convert existing slides to freeform interactions

Creating knowledge checks

  • Graded questions
  • Survey questions
  • Freeform questions
  • Question banks
  • Results slides
  • Customising questions and feedback with images and audio


  • Overview
  • Publishing to the Web
  • Flash, HTML5 and Articulate Mobile Player publishing options
  • Quality options
  • Publishing to LMS
  • Publishing for CD-ROM

Screen recording

  • Demonstration of the screen recording capabilities of Storyline for software training

A two-day course is not enough to cover all of Storyline’s features in detail. Our aim is to cover what we feel from experience are the key features that will get you off to a flying start. We avoid overloading you with information you probably won’t need, at least for a while. However, depending on your priorities, we can substitute some of the above agenda for:

  • A more detailed look at screen-recording (Video on a single slide or Step Mode options)
  • A more detailed look at variables (Text, numeric and true/false), including example applications.
  • Language translation tools
  • More on motion path animation
  • Closed captioning in SL360
  • Overview of the other Articulate 360 products
  • A more detailed look at the full range of triggers
  • Or whatever else you might need!

Just contact us and we can tailor the agenda to suit.

Meet your trainer

Dayn Wilkins has been developing e-learning content for over 22 years, using Macromedia Authorware, Director, Flash, Adobe Presenter and since it’s launch – Articulate Storyline. When he’s not running Storyline training courses, he’s designing and developing content for our clients. Check out our Portfolio to see what he’s been working on recently. Dayn lives and breathes e-learning and loves to get out and spread the word about Articulate.

No-one gets left behind!

Our approach is to support everyone as we work through the Storyline training. No-one gets left behind while we’re building the demo module! But progress can vary depending on the size of the group (larger = slower) and the confidence of attendees at learning new software packages. It often helps if those with less confidence sit next to someone who finds it easier. Or even pair up on one PC and take turns to drive!

Get in touch and we can provide available dates.

At our site or yours

We usually travel to our client’s site to deliver Articulate 360 training. Anywhere in the UK or Europe is fine, provided you’re happy for us to deliver in English language.

If you prefer, we can run training courses at our offices at The Media Centre, Huddersfield, where we can accommodate groups of up to 8 learners in a modern, comfortable, town-centre location within 5 minutes walk from the railway station and parking. We have a great cafe-bar on site, free wifi for learners and reception facilities. Additional training room hire charges and catering costs would apply. A quotation can be provided on request.

We look forward to meeting your team!