Engaging, effective e-learning content

Brake, The Road Safety Charity

Brake have asked us to develop a range of interactive activities, to support their road safety and environment campaigns and initiatives. All were designed in collaboration with their communications team, funded by their sponsors and developed by us in Articulate Storyline.

Hitachi Capital (UK)

We are developing a range of compliance and product training e-learning modules for Hitachi Capital (UK), one of the world’s largest business finance providers. The modules are all developed in Articulate Storyline and make use of bespoke illustration, video, voiceover, quizzes and other interactive features to create an engaging learning experience.

UNISON screen shot


We are developing a range of modules for  UNISON, the public sector union. This module for new reps, introduces them to their new position, the people they will be working alongside, and highlights what can be expected from the UNISON stewards’ training courses, with additional advice on how to sign up for local training. The course was developed in Articulate Storyline and uses video, note-taking, quizzes and other interactive features to help new reps and stewards quickly get to grips with their new role.

Find it at Lincoln screenshot

University of Lincoln

We’ve developed a range of e-learning modules for the University of Lincoln Library, designed to help students research and write their assignments to an academic level. This includes for example, the use of academic data sources, how to avoid plagiarism and how to develop a search strategy. The modules were all developed in Storyline and are available on the University website (see links below).

NG Bailey screenshot

NG Bailey

A self-running Health & Safety presentation for groups of construction site workers. The brief was to produce something original, animated and engaging, that moved away from typical H&S training videos used in the past. The module, developed in Articulate Storyline, lasts for around 20 minutes and includes a knowledge check (quiz) at the end, to which trainees can “chip-in” answers as a group and discuss. The module can also be used by individual learners.

Rare Energy screenshot

NG Bailey

This “explanimation” was designed to help NG Bailey convey their outsourced energy management solution to potential customers in two and a half minutes, using original animation and voice-over. We used a story-telling approach, based on a fictitious customer. Developed in Flash and exported in video format, the video is used to kick-start sales presentations and has also been uploaded to YouTube and the Company’s website.

BB Investments screenshot

Balfour Beatty Investments

This e-learning module for Balfour Beatty Investments introduces new starters to business continuity procedures within the organisation, and is designed to minimise disruption after a major incident, such as fire, power failure, IT security breach etc. The module was developed in Articulate Storyline and is based around a fictitious scenario in which the learner plays a part.

Demo available on request.

Lab Hazards game screenshot

Flash games

Over the years we’ve developed lots of games in Flash for educational use. Here are a few examples. Feel free to link to these from your educational site. We know lot’s of you do. Please note, they require a Flash enabled browser and so won’t work on mobile devices.