E-learning Character Pack – Gemma

Our character packs are designed for easy animation and story-telling in Storyline.

Gemma is a high-flying, middle manager on a mission. Use her in your customer service, business and sales training modules.

Our character packs are designed for easy animation and story-telling in Storyline or any other e-learning authoring package (Captivate etc). Swap poses and expressions on the timeline to give your e-learning a dynamic, animated feel. Add entrance and exit animations, or move them along motion paths. See an example module here.

What’s included in this e-learning character pack?

  • Pack includes –  30 poses, 90 facial expressions/eye directions, giving 2700 possible combinations. We also include some basic office objects – a desk, PC monitor, keyboard, shadows and a pointer.
  • Cut-out transparent PNG images – place over any background.
  • High res images (1200 x 1500) for clear display at any size in your e-learning project.
  • Clearly labeled poses and expressions (see contact sheets for poses and expressions).

To use this character pack (in Storyline)…

  • Download and unzip the character pack to a location on your PC
  • Choose a pose and insert it as a Picture into your slide.
  • Scale the image to the size you want.
  • Right-click on the image and select “Size and Position”. Note the percentage height and width values. They should both be the same if you scaled the image proportionally, eg 30%.
  • Choose an expression and insert it as a Picture in your slide.
  • Right click on the expression and choose “Size and Position”. Set the width and height to the same values as your pose, ie 30%, making sure that the Lock Aspect ratio option is ticked.
  • Position the expression over the pose and zoom in to align the centre of the nose, over the small alignment mark you will find on the face of the pose image.
  • That’s it! You can now group the two objects to animate them on/off screen or along a motion path as a single object.

Need additional poses, expressions, objects or even a whole new character?

No problem – contact us describing what you need and we’ll get right back to you with a quote.

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